Small Business, Small minded?

I have often wondered….
What is the key to success in creating a high street hub?

We have seen popping up all across our cities. For example

However a quaint little street in Mitchelton, steeped in history just can’t get across the line.
What is so special about these places compared to somewhere like Blackwood Street in Mitchelton?

After spending the last few months being the target of some pretty overwhelming hate, I have come to a conclusion on the pretty large road block that stops these quaint little streets from really growing to their full potential.

Now most of you are probably thinking, well of course it’s City Councils or it’s probably the residents/demographic of the area.
Well to some degree yes, but the biggest roadblock is surprisingly the Business Owners themselves.
These little streets are often started with first time business owners that are just trying to get by and keep their business alive. But in doing so, they miss the bigger picture. They miss the opportunity to really prosper and have their business excel.

What a lot of small businesses do wrong is look at change or competition as a negative or even a threat. And in some cases this may be true, but more often then not, they miss the opportunity to leverage it, focus on their own business, broaden their exposure and gain more foot traffic.

A large struggle for a lot of small businesses is brand exposure, people knowing they exist. Marketing is expensive and often-large marketing is out of reach for family owned and operated business.
A big part of what they miss is the fact that an increase in venues, possibly bigger players and new ideas brings more people. This often can mean more customers for all. As it’s rare someone will only ever go to one place all the time.

Instead of embracing change and focusing on the big picture of the precinct, they worry about the little things.
They don’t focus on improving their own business but instead focus on what everyone else is doing. Maybe if they just spent 5 minutes thinking about the positives the change could bring, it might plant their feet back on the ground and off that high horse.

In time this small-minded attitude doesn’t effectively help anyone and actually eventually damages his or her own business.
Creating a precinct and a hub is a combined effort. It takes more than one or two businesses standing on the curb waiving their flag.

If only these small-minded small business owners understood the bigger picture then we to could have an Oxford St or Rosalie on our doorstep, which in turn helps property prices, unemployment and the entire community.

I ask you as the community, if you want to see your community prosper and grow in the right direction before the bigger guys come in, now is the time to stand up and say so. Share this blog, speak to your local business owners and make sure you are supporting local business that has the community at its core and not immature schoolyard bullying.




Mitchelton’s First Drive-Thru Coffee

ION Fine Foods will launch Mitchelton’s first Drive Thru Coffee Window.


Located in the North Western suburb of Mitchelton, ION Fine Foods will allow customers to pre-order coffee through the Skip app & collect at a Drive – Thru window located on Blackwood Street Mitchelton.

Open from 6am Mon-Fri it’s the perfect place to get your caffeine fix in the suburbs.

Serving locally roasted Bellissimo Ulitmo.

TWG Comes to Brisbane Cafe!

Luxury tea brand, TWG (The Wellness Group) is now available in Brisbane.

TWG was established in Singapore and is a tea institution. Head to ABOUT TWG to find out more.

Valentina Cafe is the first Cafe in Australia to serve TWG in house.


New Eco Tourism Project

Congratulations to O’Reilly’s on obtaining their next level of approvals for their new eco tourism project in the Scenic Rim.

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